Career Management: Choose your position wisely

Career Management: Choose your position wisely  · 

When choosing a new place to work (see this article), you should also carefully evaluate your potential position and how it will fit into your overall career vision, goals and life situation. The compensation and the title are of course essential parts of the decision, but don’t let them overshadow everything else. On top of those, the ideal job should offer you at least:

  • Meaningful, interesting and challenging enough work, that you can fully commit to.
  • A possibility to use your strengths.
  • Enough freedom and responsibility for your liking.
  • Clear step to the right direction towards your career goals.
  • Possibility to grow and gain beneficial skills and experience for your career plans.
  • A chance to advance to the next level positions inside the company.
  • Adequate work/life-balance to suit your life situation.

Sometimes it is better to choose a lower pay or even a lower title, if they come with clear steps towards the career goals, or offer great possibilities to gain essential experience or to advance your career quickly to the next levels either inside or outside of the company. Also look for positions that make use of your strengths, as this will make it much easier to succeed in your work and advance quickly to the next levels. Sometimes it is also worth to take a lower position in a highly reputable company than a higher position in an unknown company, as this will build your credibility in the eyes of the future employers. Besides, with everything you can learn from my book “7 Principles of Becoming a Leader – the definitive guide for starting and building your management career”, you should be able to advance to the higher positions reasonably quickly if you decide to stay in the high-reputation company after you started in a lower position.

Make sure your life situation matches with the requirements of the position and company

Make sure that the company and position fit into your current life situation. For example, if your family needs a lot of your time and support at this moment, it is not the best idea to accept a position that demands all of your time and is a couple of hours drive from your home, no matter how much potential it offers. It is best to discuss and agree the right course of action with the whole family, as you won’t be making too good results in your new job, if you have to focus constantly on solving the conflicts at home.

In summary, look at your company and position choices in respect of your overall career vision and goals and life situation and choose the options that best contribute to them.

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