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Eye of the Storm Coaching provides comprehensive mentoring and coaching services for companies.

Our coaching services are designed to develop engaging leaders and managers.

The methodology is based on vast employee engagement and productivity data gathered and analysed by Gallup.com.

Employee engagement is a huge issue and untapped pool of potential for most companies. The global average for engaged employees in under 15% while Western Europe performs even worse: Only 1 of 10 employees are truly engaged in their work, and make an effort to improve their work results, skills and their company overall. Overall losses in productivity and profitability for companies is estimated being vastly over 1000 Billion globally in a year.

In the middle of all this stand the leaders and managers, whose actions contribute to 70% of the variance in employee engagement and thus value that they create for the company.

We help the leaders and managers to first understand this paradigm, and then we coach them with leadership style and practices that all aim to increase the positive impact each leader has on their team and their engagement to the work and company.

Leaders and managers on different level have different roles and needs. We provide coaching services for each level, from mentoring the new or potential managers to coaching already established leaders for better performance and engaging leadership style.

Coaching for new & potential managers and leaders

New managers are often very unsure about themselves, their skills, leadership abilities and responsibilities, and their confidence is often lacking while they struggle to adapt to their new roles. It is highly beneficial to provide solid coaching and mentoring at this stage and make sure that the new manager’s work gets a good start that he can build her/his leadership skills and style upon. This can also help company to avoid costly mistakes and further drops in employee engagement.

Leadership trainings and occasional help from the supervising manager usually don’t cut it, and many times new managers are left alone with their problems and doubts. There is often also a reluctance to ask enough help from the supervisor, as people are afraid that this might be seen as a sign for not being cut for the new job. Supervising managers are also often too busy (or otherwise unable / reluctant) to provide all the necessary attention to the new managers, and thus they don’t get the support they would need.

Having a trusted mentor who is not your direct supervisor, can make a great difference on the development of a new manager, as he/she can openly discuss all the problems, doubts, concerns, and possible lacking skills, and quickly get support to solve any issues.

Coaching for established managers and leaders

Leadership development is never over and even established leaders constantly need to sharpen their skills and character for best possible results. Experienced leaders also deal with complex business problems and leading and coaching other leaders provides another challenge on top of this.

Having a trusted coach to discuss the leadership challenges and supporting further skill and character development can make a tremendous difference on the results and development of an already established leader.

Also the working environment and employees mindsets and needs have been quickly changing, and effective leaders must keep up with this development to keep driving the best possible results. Having someone specialized in leadership coaching giving fresh perspectives and supporting you to adopt necessary changes can make all the difference on the staying power of your and your leadership teams’ leadership.

A leadership coach can do this by opening new perspectives, finding out possible blind spots or areas to improve and challenging your established mindsets and thought patterns. A good coach can also gather confidential insights and feedback from leader’s colleagues and device personal development plans accordingly.

On a business level, a good coach can help leaders to clear their thoughts, focus on the right things, and help them find the right questions and answers to the critical business issues they are dealing with.

Levels of coaching

Leadership development goes much deeper than learning a few leadership and management skills. It is an extension of leader’s identity and character and is built upon personal mindset and basic skills. Eye of the Storm Coaching entails all these layers and makes sure that the actual leadership and management skills have a solid foundation where to build upon.

Please have a look at the Eotsc’s Leadership Pyramid below to have an overview of how we see the big picture of leadership development, and what the good leaders are made of. You can also read an accompanying article in the eotsc.com blog here. What are good leaders made of?

Foundations of leadership and building leadership skills and traits

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